Initially, I wanted to present an unknown matriarchal society, which I began to recognize through my wife. I was intrigued by how it could have remained undocumented and why the mainstream media never picked it up. The answer is simple: the most populous matriarchy in the world is Muslim!

As a photographer, it was motivating enough to immerse myself in this subject, already as a part of it. So I photograph the life of my wife and myself as a kind of diary, while I deal with my own changes, through questions such as, what it means to be Muslim, how my life has changed being a husband, and how we are preparing for having children, and so on.


Supported by the József Pécsi Photography Grant and the Ministry of Culture and Education, Hungary in 2019.



hardcover, 108 pages, 20,3 x 27,2 cm

contains two leaflets: ‘The index of the 4 chapters’ and ‘Ramadan diary’, both 12 x 12 cm